Penis enlargement surgery (ligamentotomy)

penis enlargement surgery

Not all men are satisfied with the size of their penis. Dissatisfaction with sex life, feelings of inferiority, psychological problems are only a small part of what men with small penises face. Yes, nature is often unfair, giving generously to some and neglecting others.

Fortunately, today there are effective, safe methods of penis correction, thanks to which you can increase the length and thickness of the organ, as well as change its shape. In a modern clinic, experienced andrologists and surgeons choose the right method for penis enlargement so that the result not only meets expectations, but also increases self-esteem, restores self-confidence and masculinity.

Correction methods in the clinic

Doctors at the medical center use surgical and injection methods to enlarge the penis. Choosing the optimal correction method depends on the initial size of the organ and the expected result. During the consultation, you will discuss with your doctor, choose the most suitable method for you, and find out the cost of penis enlargement. Modern medicine uses the following methods to enlarge the penis:

  • ligamentotomy;
  • intimate contouring with fillers;
  • lipolifting;
  • plasmolifting.

Any modern one is equipped with modern medical equipment, reliable and safe drugs from well-known manufacturers of the world are used for injection plastic surgery, and appointments are made by experienced penis enlargement specialists.


Ligamentotomy is a plastic surgery to enlarge the penis, the most effective way to correct the penis. The intervention is performed only by experienced and highly experienced urological surgeons, experts in this field. The essence of the method is to lengthen the shaft of the penis by reducing the perineal region. During the operation, the supporting band apparatus of the penis is crossed and the inner part of the organ is stretched. Ligamentotomy makes it possible to increase the length of the male genital organ by 2-6 cm.

The operation is performed in two ways: through the pubic bone or through a small access in the scrotal area. Today, the second method is used more often, since it is less traumatic. Ligamentotomy surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the duration of the intervention does not exceed one hour. The rehabilitation period lasts 5-7 days. Thanks to the good blood supply in the lumbar area, the stitch becomes invisible after just a few weeks.

After ligamentotomy, patients are recommended to wear an extender, a special device to enlarge the penis. The expander helps consolidate the result of the operation and prevents the formation of adhesions. The duration of use of the device ranges from two to six months.

Despite the fact that ligamentotomy is a low-traumatic operation and is well tolerated by people of all ages, there are many contraindications to its implementation. First of all, they are:

  • malignant tumors;
  • blood diseases;
  • acute and chronic infections of the genital organs;
  • venereal diseases;
  • intolerance of anesthetic drugs and suture materials.

You can find out about the price of ligamentotomy and discuss the specifics of the operation and the rehabilitation period with your doctor at the time of the consultation at the medical center. The standard price of ligamentotomy under anesthesia, taking into account the cost of the extender, will not be too high. More specifically, the doctor will guide you during the consultation, after a detailed conversation, taking into account your wishes.

Injection methods

In addition to ligamentotomy, other non-surgical penis enlargement methods are also used. The advantages of injection methods are non-traumatic, quick recovery, minimal contraindications to the intervention. INAny modern medical center uses the following injection methods for male genital correction:

  • Intimate contouring with fillers - hyaluronic acid-based viscoelastic gel injections, increase the volume of the penis, lengthen the organ by up to 1 cm.
  • Lipolifting is the transplantation of your own fat tissue, which is used to correct the shape of the penis. Combined with contouring and fillers, it helps to achieve a tangible result - the volume of the penis increases, lengthening by up to 4 cm.
  • Plasmolifting is a safe, non-traumatic method of penis correction by injecting the patient's platelet-enriched plasma. The disadvantage of the method is that the effect is short-term, and 4-5 procedures are required for lasting results.

The correction of the size and shape of the penis with the help of injections is carried out by a general and plastic surgeon. During the consultation, the doctor of the clinic explains in detail the advantages and results of each method, selects the right penis enlargement method for each patient, and clearly outlines the costs. Standard injections for penis enlargement, such as using lipofilling, do not cost much.

Penis correction in a modern medical center

Advantages of contacting the professional center:

  • The doctors of the modern medical center use only advanced technologies and methods.
  • We perform surgical interventions with modern equipment and reliable, certified medical products.
  • Leading doctors carry out the consultation and operate.
  • Comfortable living conditions were created for the patients: a cozy ward, constant medical staff supervision, nutritious meals.
  • Doctors monitor the patient during the entire stay at the clinic, as well as during the rehabilitation period.