Patients choose this type of surgery for a variety of reasons. Some people want to increase the size of their penis to improve their sex life. Others do it to boost their confidence, which leads to additional benefits in other areas of their lives. For some it is a medical necessity and for others it is a form of cosmetic surgery.

Ligamentotomy (alternative names: penis lengthening, penis lengthening) is a surgical procedure for cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis. The aim of the operation is to enlarge the visible part of the penis.

The essence of the operation is as follows: in everyday life, only the outer part of the cavernous body of the penis participates in the erection, which we can see visually. However, there is also a perineal section of the cavernous body of the penis, which visually does not participate in the erection, because strong ligaments prevent it from enlarging. The crossing of the ligaments of the penis allows the perineal section of the corpora cavernosa to participate in the erection, which significantly increases the length of the penis and improves its blood supply.

When is ligamentotomy really necessary?

Penis enlargement surgery is suitable for a wide range of patients and conditions. If you suffer from small penis syndrome, a curved penis, a sunken penis, or a penile injury, the procedure can help increase the size of your penis. Some people choose penis enlargement for personal or aesthetic reasons rather than medical reasons, so it is also available as cosmetic surgery.

Indications for ligamentotomy:

There are 2 groups of operations aimed at lengthening the penis:

normal penis size

Medical indications:

  • Peyronie's disease, in which the penis can be markedly deformed and reduced in length;
  • cavernous fibrosis;
  • "Hidden" penis or micropenis.
indications for penis enlargement surgery

Aesthetic indications:

  • A man's desire to increase his attractiveness;
  • A man's desire to increase his self-esteem;
  • Penile dysmorphophobia is a general dissatisfaction with the appearance, shape or size of the penis.

The lower limit of the average size of the penis in erection is considered to be 12 cm in length, a size smaller than 12 cm is considered the reason for surgery.

How much can you enlarge your penis?

After crossing the ligaments, the length of the penis increases by 2-3 cm during erection. The result must be ensured by active wearing for 2-3 hours a day and passive pulling around the clock for one month after the operation. In order to achieve the maximum effect, there is no limit to the length of time the extension can be worn, because nothing prevents the corpora cavernosa from stretching after crossing the bands.

How to lengthen the penis with ligamentotomy:

The operation is performed under anesthesia. A skin incision is made in the middle of the scrotum, through which the surgeon can access the suspensory ligament of the penis, which is cut. Absorbable sutures are placed on the skin of the scrotum.

Preoperative preparation consists of a simple examination that includes:

  • Consultation with a urologist;
  • Clinical and biochemical blood test;
  • Blood against HIV, syphilis and hepatitis;
  • EKG;
  • Consultation with anesthesiologist.

How is penis enlargement surgery performed?

  • 5-7 days before surgery, the patient undergoes a pre-operative examination; hospitalization takes place on the day of surgery;
  • Anesthesia - intravenous or spinal;
  • The doctor makes a skin incision at the scrotal suture (2-3 cm) to access the penile ligaments and cuts them. A vacuum drain is placed, which is removed after 12 hours, and an intradermally absorbable cosmetic suture is applied. Operating time - 20 minutes;
  • The next morning - removing the drain, learning to wear the extension, a fiery send home.

Duration of penis enlargement surgery

The operation usually takes 20-30 minutes.

If the "invisible" transscrotal ligamentotomy did not bring the expected result due to the stretching of the suprapubic skin with an extender, then the already performed ligamentotomy can be supplemented with a transverse-longitudinal minimally invasive skin plasty in the suprapubic region, which means an additional plus. 2-3 cm to the performed operation. Total+5-6 centimeters can be obtained based on the results of two stages.

What is the recovery period after ligamentotomy?

The suture heals in 5-7 days. Before discharge, the patient consults with a urologist, during which it is explained to him that he must wear an extender for 3-4 months. Later rehabilitation includes wearing the extension. Within 2-3 days, the patient gets behind the wheel or starts working. After one month, return to sexual activity.

What is the result of a ligamentotomy?

As a general rule, the operation gives +2-3 cm in the erect state. At rest, in the cold - minus 2 cm due to the lack of bands.

Full results - within 4-6 months. : a noticeable increase in length, an increase in the volume of the glans penis due to the vacuum connection of the extender, a longer erection even after ejaculation due to changes in the blood supply to the corpora cavernosa.

Possible complications after penis enlargement surgery

Complications of lmigamentotomy are extremely rare. Bleeding and suppuration of the postoperative suture are most common. The incidence of complications does not exceed 0. 1%.

further information

The possibility of increasing the size of the penis with ligamentotomy and wearing an extension is 3-5 cm. The specific result depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body - the size of the hidden part of the corpora cavernosa, as well as the dilatability of blood vessels and the urethra.

The effectiveness of ligamentotomy is significantly higher than any other method of increasing the length of the penis. Folk methods of penis enlargement, such as the Jelq method, the Indian Sadhu technique, self-hypnosis, etc. , have no evidence and are practically ineffective.

Ligamentotomy at the clinic

Penis enlargement surgery is a serious problem for all men. For best results, choose an experienced practitioner affiliated with a major medical center.

The modern clinic is proud of its specialists: professional urologists have been working successfully with patients from all over the world for a long time. Their experience and the clinic's advanced equipment allow you to spend minimal time getting rid of an aesthetic defect and returning to normal life, proudly looking at your reflection!

We offer a full range of medical services:

  • full consultation of the preparation and execution of plastic surgery, discussion of the chosen method and possible contraindications of the operation;
  • all preoperative examinations - tests, examinations by specialists, anesthesiologist services;
  • performing surgery;
  • postoperative inpatient support - observation by the attending physician, bandages, comfortable rooms with meals;
  • further consultations and a rapid rehabilitation program.

Ligamentotomy prices

Ligamentotomy prices can vary widely. It depends on many factors and only the doctor can tell you the exact cost.